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I'm deeply grateful for the overwhelming support I've received from individuals, organizations, and community leaders. Each endorsement is a vote of confidence in our shared vision for a just, equitable, and prosperous Texas.​If you share our commitment to fully funding our schools, expanding access to healthcare, and enhancing our community's safety, I invite you to add your name to this growing list of supporters. Together, we can significantly impact and ensure our voices are heard in the Texas Legislature.

​Join us in making a difference - click the link to add your name to our list of endorsements!

Joe Farias, former Texas State Representative, District 118
Leo Pacheco, Former Texas State Representative, District 118
Tomas Uresti, Former Texas State Representative, District 118
Norma Cavazos, Trustee, Harlandale ISD
Becky Ruiz, Trustee, Harlandale ISD
Ricardo Moreno, Harlandale Trustee, President
Louis Luna, Harlandale Trustee
Christine A. Carillo, Harlandale Trustee
Juan Mancha, Harlandale Trustee
Liz Limon, Former Trustee, Harlandale ISD
Nelson Wolff, Former Bexar County Judge
Tommy Calvert, Precinct Four County Commissioner
Tommy Adkisson, Former Precinct Four County Commissioner
Gloria Martinez, Bexar County Districk Clerk
Margaret Montemayor, Former Bexar County Districk Clerk
Mary Angie Garcia, Former District Clerk
Joe Gonzales, Bexar County District Attorney
Joe Jesse Sanchez, Former ACCD member, Harlandale educator
Jose Macias, Trustee, Judson ISD, President
Bexar County Tejano Democrats SD 19
Jerry G. Gonzales, SARA Board of Trustee D.1
Linda Chavez Thompson, labor leader
Tom Cummins, Former president AFL-CIO, Central Labor Council
Bob Comeaux, Former teachers union organizer
Tom Hegar, Pastor, labor leader
Sylvia Don, Dem. Pct. Chair 1047
Roman "Nick" Pena, Dem. Pct. Chair 1051
Rosa Rosales, LULAC, former national president
Rosie Vera, LULAC
Rudolf Rosales, LULAC
Henry Rodriguez, LULAC
Desi Martinez, Attorney
Louis Escareno, Attorney
Mark Sanchez, Attorney
Robert "Woody" Wilson, Attorney
David Earl, Attorney
Eugene "Gene" Marck
Placido Salazar
Pablo Escamilla
Ciro D. Rodriguez, Former Texas State Representative, Congressman, and Judge
Nancy Martinez
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