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Carlos' Issues


Our Children Matter Most

Carlos Quezada's time as a Juvenile District Court Judge was marked by his commitment to the well-being of all children, especially those facing challenging circumstances. He established specialty courts to assist youth, including those who have suffered neglect. He worked tirelessly to ensure their families had access to vital resources for improved outcomes. His dedication to enhancing the lives of young people in difficult situations is a testament to his deep care for the future of all children in the community.

Protect Our Seniors
and Veterans

Drawing from his criminal court background and tenure as a former District Judge, Carlos Quezada has developed a profound comprehension of the distinct hurdles seniors and veterans encounter. His commitment to advocating for these groups is deeply personal, stemming from a family legacy of military service that includes his father, aunt, uncle, and grandfather. This personal connection to military service has instilled in him a strong sense of duty to ensure that seniors receive the vital assistance they need and that veterans are supported as they transition back to civilian life.

Carlos is unwavering in his belief that both seniors and veterans have earned and deserve our community's utmost respect and gratitude. Carlos is dedicated to helping our elders live with dignity and that our veterans receive the recognition and support they rightly deserve as they return to civilian life in recognition of their selfless service to our nation. 


Fully Fund Our Public Schools

School Kids

Carlos Quezada has always been a staunch advocate for public education, a commitment evident from his service on the Harlandale School Board. He firmly opposes Governor Abbott's universal voucher system, recognizing its potential to divert essential funds from our public schools. Carlos, whose wife Megan is a public school teacher, strongly supports raising teacher pay and increasing pensions for retired educators, understanding that these steps are vital for attracting and retaining quality teachers. He advocates for smaller class sizes and heightened campus safety measures to ensure a secure and conducive learning environment for students, teachers, and staff. His dedication to public education is rooted in a belief that a robust and well-supported school system is the cornerstone of a thriving community.

Common Sense
Gun Safety

Carlos Quezada is a firm advocate for responsible gun ownership and community safety. He supports a ban on Internet sales of assault style weapons to individuals under the age of 21, recognizing the need for stricter controls in the digital age. Carlos also champions universal background checks to ensure firearms don't fall into the wrong hands. He believes in the effectiveness of red flag laws that empower judges to temporarily seize firearms from individuals deemed dangerous. Furthermore, Carlos advocates for raising the minimum age to purchase an long guns from 18 to 21. These measures reflect his commitment to implementing common-sense policies that protect the rights of responsible gun owners while prioritizing the entire community's safety.

Happy Family

Healthcare Coverage

Central to Carlos's vision is expanding healthcare coverage. He's focused on broadening Medicaid coverage so each person in District 118, irrespective of age or background, can access the healthcare they need. He believes in a healthcare system that forms the bedrock of community well-being, where no one is marginalized due to resource scarcity or complexities in accessing care.

Carlos places a strong emphasis on not just expanding coverage but also on enhancing the quality of our local healthcare. He is committed to improving available healthcare services, ensuring they meet the highest standards of care and effectiveness. A key aspect of this commitment is ensuring that women in District 118 have full access to comprehensive healthcare services to address their needs.

Additionally, Carlos believes a woman should have the right to make decisions about her body and healthcare, including access to safe and legal abortion. Restrictive laws infringe on these rights and can lead to dangerous health outcomes. Carlos supports policies that provide comprehensive reproductive healthcare, ensure privacy, and respect a woman's autonomy in making personal health decisions.


Understanding the profound impact of mental health on overall well-being, Carlos prioritizes mental health care as an essential component of the healthcare system. He aims to ensure that mental health services are as readily available and stigma-free as physical health services, acknowledging the need for parity in care.


Carlos's vision for health care in District 118 and throughout Texas is clear: a system where quality care is accessible, women make their own choices about healthcare, mental health is given equal priority, and the most vulnerable are not left behind. He is committed to working tirelessly to ensure every community member has access to the health care they need and deserve.

Fight Bullying

Carlos believes protecting our students and children should be a top priority. He advocates for ensuring a child's right to a fair and proper education, including a safe learning environment free from the harms of school and cyberbullying. He is committed to efforts that eradicate these harmful practices.


Real Solutions for
Property Appraisals
and Taxes

Residential Housing Complex

Carlos Quezada is acutely aware of the burden that skyrocketing property taxes place on families in District 118. He believes that a long term solution for true property appraisal reform is essential to find a real solution to this issue. Carlos advocates for a fair and transparent appraisal process that accurately reflects property values and ensures homeowners are not disproportionately burdened. He will work to develop and implement policies that provide meaningful relief to homeowners while also fully funding the public schools that property taxes support. Carlos is committed to tackling this complex issue head-on, ensuring that property taxes are fair and manageable for all residents of District 118.

Better Jobs, Better Wages, and a Better Future

Carlos Quezada is deeply committed to fostering economic growth in Texas House District 118. He understands the importance of attracting new businesses and industries to the area, which is crucial for creating a vibrant, sustainable local economy. Carlos is dedicated to building an economy that offers higher wages, supports families, and enhances their future. He strongly supports the state's oil and gas industry and is committed to working with them to increase supply, create good-paying Texas jobs, and help reduce gas prices. Additionally, Carlos recognizes the significance of collaboration with major employers in the district, such as Toyota Manufacturing. He plans to work closely with these key stakeholders to ensure their continued success and contribution to the district's economic health.


Carlos Needs Your Support Today!

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